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    Storyland podcast produces interviews with children's book authors and illustrators from all over the world. We are the first and only platform in China through which readers can directly hear from book creators about their stories.

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    Jessica Love: I don't want boys or girls to be ashamed of dress-ups.

    Jessica Love的首部绘本作品《Julián Is a Mermaid》讲述了一个名叫Julián的小男孩想成为一条美人鱼的故事。这是一本关于自我表达与归属感的故事,而这本梦境般绘本背后的作者Jessica Love又有着怎样的故事?在这期节目中,Jessica分享了她的创作灵感与经历,以及她希望这个故事如何被孩子与大人解读。


    Julián Is a Mermaid is a picture book we acquired at the 2019 Bologna Children’s Book Fair. Since its inclusion at our Storyland library, it has been widely read and loved by kids. In this episode, we talked to the author of this award-winning book, Jessica Love, who shared with us her intentions and inspirations behind this beautiful story of self-expression and belonging.

    Jon Klassen: Every creator is looking for a problem.

    Jon Klassen是一位凭借一本出版作品《This is Not My Hat》就把绘本界最权威的两大奖项收入囊中的人。然而他自称并不擅长文字写作,甚至谦虚地说自己也不是个那么出色的画家。在访谈中,Jon分享了他对于创作的独到见解,回忆了他儿时写故事的经历,以及这些经历是如何影响了他当下的创作。


    In this interview, award-winning children's book author and illustrator Jon Klassen talked to us about his creative outlets when he was little, how he finds balance between his creative strengths and weaknesses, the importance of exploring creativity within boundaries and why children's works should count right now.

    Marion Deuchars: How to raise creative kids.

    Marion Deuchars是两个男孩的母亲,也是荣获国际艺术各大奖项的艺术家、儿童绘本作家,她最早被人熟知的是她别具一格的手写字体和设计。这期访谈中,Marion分享了自己作为母亲是如何给孩子做艺术启蒙的,以及新书《Bob Goes Pop》的创作灵感来源和背后的一些故事。


    Marion Deuchars publishes beautifully illustrated children’s books and has created her own globally recognised style of hand lettering. Her ‘Let’s Make Some Great Art’ series have won numerous awards and been translated into 22 languages. In this episode, Marion shares her inspiration behind her new book Bob Goes Pop and how she encourages creativity in her children.

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  • 2020年,故事星球开启「全球童书作者采访计划」,先后采访了来自美国、加拿大、挪威、西班牙等多国童书作者,挖掘他们创作背后的故事,就儿童教育相关的不同领域展开探讨。我们希望通过播客的形式更立体地呈现一本书背后的创作故事,让家长与孩子们了解到,一本童书的意义不止停留在故事本身,作者可能还有其他更深层次的创作意图。




    Storyland's conversations with children's book authors and illustrators project kicked off in 2020. We have talked to book creators from countries all over the globe, who share with listeners the behind-the-scenes of their books.


    Not only have these conversations offered an unprecedented gateway for Chinese readers to directly hear from authors and illustrators behind the picture books they read with their children on a daily basis, they have also been valuable sources of inspiration for kids at Storyland, many of whom are creating their own books for the first time.


    Through listening to these conversations, the kids discover that even published authors can struggle in their creative endeavours and that none of them created the perfect book at their first attempt. They learn how authors and illustrators around the world bring their story ideas to life and get inspired to do the same.


  • 主播介绍 About Our Hosts

    Ella Chen

    英美文学硕士毕业,在教育一线近10年;给小朋友们讲故事,也给家长和老师提供阅读教育相关的培训;Storyland Podcast主播,采访了十余位全球童书作者,还在持续采访中;爱运动、爱阅读、爱开脑洞。


    Ella Chen, got a Master degree of English Language and Literature, has worked as a teacher and trainer for almost a decade. She offers storytelling courses to kids and reading-related training to parents and teachers. As one of the two hosts of Storyland Podcast, she has interviewed more than 10 children's book authors and illustrators around the world and the project is still in process. Ella loves sports, reading and being creative.

    Gina Lu

    Gina Lu, 教育学背景毕业,拥有丰富的一线教学经验。高中时期她在悉尼的一家书店打工,梦想着将来以写书评为生,万万没有料到有一天能够亲自采访喜爱的童书作家。平时除了给孩子们讲故事、设计有趣的阅读活动,还喜欢瑜伽、攀岩和滑雪。


    Gina Lu was academically trained in education and has a wide range of teaching experiences with young kids. During high school, she worked in a bookstore in Sydney where she dreamed of writing book reviews for a living. Little did she know that someday she would be interviewing her favorite children’s book authors on Storyland Podcast. She hosts storytelling workshops and activities for kids at Storyland. When she isn’t reading, she enjoys yoga, bouldering and snowboarding.

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    If you are an author or illustrator and want to get featured on our podcast or connect with kids at Storyland through letter correspondance or virtual storytelling, you can email us at gina.lu(at)storyland.com.cn for more information.

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